CEO Corner: Marathon Sports' Ideal Worker

(NECN) - Colin Peddie is the president and owner of Marathon Sports, as well as a runnre who's mixed his passion with his work.

But Peddie can't do it alone - he needs a team of people with the right knowledge and interpersonal skill set to make the business thrive.

Peddie told NECN's CEO Corner that employees need to have an active lifestyle, but they also need to be able to listen and communicate at the highest level.

"I would rather higher someone who has a lot of common sense - who's been on the street, who really understands how to ask the questions and how to communicate with the customer," Peddie said.

All in all, Peddie tries to ensure the customer is working with a knowledgeable and comforting employee.

For more on what Peddie looks for in a successful worker, watch the video above.

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