Behind The Verb Hotel

Developers Adam Weiner and Robin Brown discuss how The Verb Hotel uses Boston's musical history to build its brand

As the economy grows nationwide and in Boston, the need for more hotels is on the rise. One key development recently opened in the city's Fenway neighborhood - The Verb Hotel. Instead of building a luxury property, The Verb has a different concept.

Developers Adam Weiner, managing partner of Weiner Ventures and Robin Brown, principal of Spot-On Ventures, joined Paul Guzzi and Mike Nikitas to discuss the new hotel.

"The concept behind The Verb is to have a really authentic, irreverent, fun hotel," said Weiner. He went on to say that while a lot of people associate the area with baseball, it's full of musical history. "Think of it instead as an archive of Fenway's music history that happens to be inside of a hotel," he said.

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