How the Market Basket Battle Was Won

Employees John Garon, Joe Schmidt and customer activist Eleanor Corcoran on the return of Artie T.

Market Basket store manager John Garon, operations supervisor Joe Schmidt, and customer activist Eleanor Corcoran joined NECN to discuss the return of their ousted CEO Arthur T. Demoulas as employees and customers return to stores.

"It's a sight to be seen. The support has continued to be overwhelming," Garon began. "Customers coming in all day, 'We missed you, thank you. We're so glad you're back," and all I can do is mirror everything they say to me. 'No, thank you. We're glad you're back. We missed you.'"

Arthur T. Demoulas spoke publicly on Thursday morning for the first time since the dispute began. The deal was signed and approved for him to buy the company from his cousin, Arthur S. Demoulas, late Thursday night.

"I see the company being stronger than ever," said Schmidt. "Not only with the customers that boycotted, but the customers now that are interested in what Market Basket's about. There must be something special going on and those people are right and I really feel that those people will come shopping with us. And we embrace them."

Garon, Schmidt, and Corcoran discussed the activism and devotion of the employees.

"Seeing associates get their jobs back- seeing them celebrate through social media was just absolutely so moving- but then, the bigger picture. This is a victory for the middle class of America. This is shareholder capitalism losing to stakeholder capitalism," Corcoran explained.

In addition, Garon, Schmidt, and Corcoran discussed how other businesses could benefit by being good to their employees. 

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