Push for Boston Olympic Ballot Question

Most parties involved in Boston's Olympic bid say they believe there should be a ballot question regarding whether the Games should be privately funded. But when is a different question entirely.

Massachusetts State Rep. Geoff Diehl of Whitman says his group, "Tank Taxes for Olympics," and its sister group, "Coalition of Citizens for a Say," plan to continue full steam ahead with their Olympics ballot question in November of 2016 - despite a remark made by Gov. Charlie Baker at a private fundraiser.

"We think is that there shouldn't be this non binding question beforehand because what they're doing is putting the cart before the horse," Diehl said. "Tell us how the money is going to end up - are the citizens on the hook or are they not - before you say we should have the Olympics."

The Boston Globe, citing an anonymous source, reported Tuesday that Baker had suggested the vote could be "moved up."

It was noteworthy since - back in March, Baker said he thought the November Presidential election date, would be best as it would allow the most number of people an opportunity to vote.

Wednesday, the governor seemed to pull back from both comments.

"Gov. Baker is a supporter of the ballot initiative process but has no preference as to when the timing of any potential Olympic referendum should be held," said Baker's office in a statement.

Secretary of State Bill Galvin believes the March date would be a better date in terms of giving voters a voice.

"The question which I think the governor was touching upon with regard to November 2016, is that its so late in the process what's the real relevance at that point," said Galvin. "In November of 2016, you're up against an open seat for the Presidency, a lot of Congressional races, legislative races, other ballot questions. I just don't think that's as good an opportunity."

Fresh off his San Francisco visit to present to the United States Olympic Committee, Boston 2024 CEO Richard Davey say they are still deciding whether or not to have their own ballot question.

"I think whatever happens, there's very likely to be a question on the ballot in November 2016, whether or not there should be a question that occurs before that, is something I think we're still thinking about," said Davey.

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