Report: Boston Olympics Organizers Underestimated Costs

The Boston 2024 Summer Olympics bid went down in flames weeks ago but governor Charlie Baker says the independent analysis conducted by the Brattle group is still valuable for planning unique projects going forward – even as Baker drew this conclusion: "There was in fact significant risk to taxpayers cost associated with the Boston 2024 Olympic bid... I would not have been able or willing to provide guarantees that the USOC was looking for."

Key findings from the report includes that between 1960 and 2012, the Olympic Games experienced average cost overruns of 179 percent. On venue costs, the report says "a more reasonable cost estimate would've been over $970 million higher than reported in did 2.0.

Chris Dempsey, who lead the No Boston Olympics effort, says Massachusetts dodged a bullet. He says Boston 2024 underestimated the cost of the Olympics and the potential upside in terms of economic development and revenue.

No Dempsey believe it's time to move on and focus on the many important projects facing the Commonwealth.

But Evan Falchuk of Citizens For A Say, which led one of the Olympic ballot initiatives to keep taxpayer dollars out of the Olympics – says the 2024 book isn't quite ready to be closed.

He says the real question is, why did elected officials take so long to come to the conclusion that Boston 2024 was not a good deal for Massachusetts. He says most citizens were able to figure it out along time ago.

Boston 2024 has disbanded but it was pointed out that supporters feel the Brattle group analysis is premature since the consultants did not yet have all the information that Boston 2024 was still compiling for its bid.

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