Small Device Can Improve Mood, Energy, Sleep

Small device known as Sunsprite measures amount of bright light one gets

Goodlux Technology is one of the finalists for the startup accelerator program known as Mass-Challenge.

Edward Likovich, CEO of Goodlux, joined NECN to discuss a product they make called Sunsprite.

Sunsprite is a wearable device that measures the amount of bright light and UV light that one gets.

The device is important for improved energy, focus, mood and sleep. "Light is important for our circadian rhythm," said Likovich.

Light is important to get in the morning rather than the evening. Likovich says many people make that mistake. Sunsprite will train users to adopt the habit.

An increased exposure to bright light can help cure depression and improve sleep patterns.

The device is available for purchase at Sunsprite's website.

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