3D Project Will Highlight First Night in Boston

(NECN: Nicole Jacobs, Boston) - From the outside looking in at Artisan's Asylum Saturday, one can only imagine the magic taking place inside.

It's art in motion - video performance and video mapping.

"It's going to be a really special thing that brings in the First Night, brings in the new year," said Peter Zebbler.

Zebbler and his team at Zebbler Studios has the task of bringing the screens to the building.

"The entire facade of the library will illuminate really beautiful and wonderful projections, and this is what everybody is going to see," he said.

The Boston Public Library will be transformed from what we see now to even more.

"It goes back all the way to pre-human era, where it were just trees here and no people," said Zebbler. "From then, we take the viewer all the way to the present and maybe even to the future."

With countless recognizable references like the Boston Tea Party and the Freedom Trail, it's been hours upon hours of preparation mounting up to a 10-minute show to ring in the new year.

"Our goal is to change it and use the architectural elements of it to tell a playful story," he said.

The historical story brings us to 2014 and beyond.

A publicity stunt by Zebbler led to a city-wide bomb scare in 2007. He was initially charged in the incident, but the charges were later dropped. Many call this a potential redemption of his name.

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