Apple Products Stolen in Vermont

(NECN: Anya Huneke, Waitsfield, VT) -  Tuesday morning, Emily Kenyon was still finding shards of glass on the floor of the store she manages in Waitsfield, Vermont.

She was the first employee of Small Dog electronics - an Apple specialist - to come in on Monday- after a break-in in the middle of the night.

Owner Don Mayer says two people - a man and woman - broke through the glass front door with a rock... Then cleaned out two display cases filled with iPods and iPads.

All while the alarm was sounding- forcing them to act quickly, as Mayer saw on the surveillance video that recorded the burglary.

Unfortunately, Mayer has been through this before.

Just last Thursday, another one of his Apple stores - this one in South Burlington - was burglarized.

The perpetrators went after the same things.

The break-ins are not unique to Small Dog. Businesses in New Hampshire were recently hit as well, and Mayer says he and other business owners are constantly discussing and addressing the problem.

As Mayer has learned, that's both a blessing and a curse. He increased security at his shops after a break-in last year. And will now increase it even more. At a time that's typically a joyful and profitable time of year.

Who that someone is, and whether they're responsible for both break-ins, police don't yet know.

They say chances are, the burglars were looking for drug money, and knew these popular products would help them get it quickly.

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