Casey Anthony to Be Freed in a Week

(NECN/CNN: Holly Firfer, Orlando) - Two days after being acquitted of the first-degree murder of her two-year-old daughter Caylee Anthony, Casey Anthony learned she will be a free woman again on Wednesday, July 13, for the first time in more than three years.

Anthony was convicted on four counts of lying to police during the 2008 investigation of Caylee's disappearance. At her sentencing hearing in Orlando, Judge Belvin Perry gave her the maximum sentence, but Anthony's past three years spent in jail are being credited toward her four-year jail sentence, and she is getting out early for good behavior.

The question now is what will happen to her once she is free. A storm of legal and financial problems seem to be headed her way. The state of Florida wants compensated for the cost of the investigation. The search firm that helped look for Caylee says it is considering a lawsuit against Anthony to recoup the $112,000 it spent looking into Caylee's disappearance. Anthony is also facing a defamation suit from the woman who Anthony claimed, during the investigation, was a nanny who kidnapped Caylee.

It is likely that Anthony will need heavy security when she is released from prison next Wednesday, regardless of where she goes or what she decides to do.

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