Etiquette Key in Job Search

(NECN/CNN) - Showing good manners may be key to landing a job.

Patricia Fitzpatrick of the New York School of Etiquette says, "85 percent of success in life, in getting a job is people skills. Fifteen percent is technical skills, or what you know."

Business has doubled for Fitzpatrick in the past year, whose classes cost $200 for a two-hour group session.

The courses aren't just for experienced job seekers. A number of recent college graduates are also looking for an edge. It's all the little things that can show an employer you are the right candidate.

Fitzpatrick says it's important to make eye contact in an area she calls the triangle, anything lower is too personal.

Anna Post, the great, great-granddaughter of the woman who wrote the book on etiquette, Emily Post says, "this will put you apart from the crowd, there's so many qualified resumes. This is a way to show that the boss can send you out and have absolute confidence that you won't embarrass them in front of a client. Bottom line."

CNN's Alina Cho reports.

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