Fighting the Flu in Worcester, Mass.

(NECN: Kristen Carosa, Worcester, Mass.) – Betty Daly, 71, got her flu shot October.

She says she receives it from her doctor every year.

 “It prevents me from the getting the flu each year and it also allows me to get out and volunteer and I know won't spread any germs,” said Daly

There have been two flu clinics at the senior center this season.

Still the city has seen 360 confirmed cases and six deaths associated with the flu.

The Worcester division of public health says that's a high number but there's no reason for panic.

 “We will encourage all people to get the flu shot this year, last year and next year, everyone needs to get vaccinated to prevent problems during flu season,” said Derek Brindisi, Worcester’s director of public health.

Worcester public schools have been holding flu clinics at several locations to help vaccinate staff and students.

Nancy Buniowski has been a nurse for the schools for 35 years.

She says she has never seen a flu season like this one.

“There has been many more cases than usual much earlier in the season, symptoms are more severe, the duration of the flu is longer,” Buniowski said.

Buniowski has been administering the shot at Worcester's parent information center since November.

She says those over the age of 50, those under the age of four and those who have weak immune systems should be getting the flu shot.

She says the vacciniation is effective.

“If you get the vaccine it will mostly likely prevent you from getting the flu completely, which is so important for those who have a chronic health condition,” Buniowski said.

Daly says she knows she is at high risk for getting the flu.

She says she encourages fellow seniors to get the vaccination, too.

“The flu affects the young and the old, the deaths have been with people over the age of 70... So go get your flu shot,” Daly said.

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