Hershey to Close Factory in Penn.

(NECN/CNN) - Built around Milton Hershey's chocolate company more than a century ago, there is perhaps no company in town in America as iconic as Hershey, Pennsylvania. But as it often goes in places like this, many jobs that built this town have been shipped out.

The company has been shedding hundreds of jobs here since it began a major restructuring in 2007. Now five to 600 more local jobs are being cut. In June, union workers voted overwhelmingly in favor of those job cuts, approving a contract that will end product at Hershey's original factory and leave hundreds of their fellow union members out of work. In return, Hershey committed to staying in the town and will spend up to $300 million to modernize its newer plant there. It was vote yes, union members say, or see Hershey pack up and leave.

Unlike many other so-called company towns across America, Hershey Pennsylvania has a future with or without its namesake company. The medical center is now the largest employer and the amusement park attracts thousands of tourists a year.

CNN's Poppy Harlow has the story.

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