Hurricane Force Winds Cause Damage on Mass. Coast

(NECN: Scot Yount, Newbury, Mass.) - Hurricane force winds turned Plum Island, upside down. The worst of the storm over the cleanup begins, in the dark.

Downed power lines plunged the island into a winter black 24 hours ago and even with electric crews humming at full tilt, the promise of heat and light seems distant. For some people anyway.

Tom Garad is one of the lucky few.

At the end of his street, Linda Langer has no such luxury and for a time during the height of the storm was wondering about her choice to stay in her home right on the beach.

The biggest problem has been the wind, it is much calmer now but weather forecasters had called for gusts to 60 miles an hour but people in the neighborhoods we talked to said it was much stronger than that.

On the island, some people recorded gusts of more than 90 miles an hour.

And that kind of wind mixed with a few big trees can ruin a perfectly good roof.

In Beverly, Hamilton, and Wenham, toppled trees caused thousands of dollars in damage.

By late afternoon, the weather was again turning bad. On Plum Island, the power was beginning to come back on just in time.for now.

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