Lynn Students Get Lessons From Schoolyard Farm

(NECN: Tom Langford, Lynn, Mass.) - An unusual farm is growing a crop of lessons for some Lynn, Massachusetts school children. The farm sprouted on what was a rundown lot, next to the school.

Next to Ingalls Elementary school in Lynn, Massachusetts is something you don't see too often in a city, a farm.

And this isn't just any farm -- it's a living classroom.

Farmers, like Jay, give students a hands on science lesson. as part of that... they plant seeds in the spring...

Then go back in the fall, see what grew, and pick what they planted.

But the program doesn't end there.

The harvest is sold to neighbors and parents at this weekly farmer's market after school, where food stamps are accepted.

Extra food is donated to senior centers and food pantries across the north shore, and in the summer, teenagers keep the farm growing, as part of a summer job program. And grow it does --

Last year, this one acre produced 20-thousand pounds of food for the community.

Alexandra Severino stops at the farmer's market every week, when she picks her kids up from school.

She points out, the farm has one more benefit, her kids love eating the food.

A lesson from a school yard farm, that just keeps growing.

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