NH Twins Who Lost Mother Getting Care They Need

(NECN:  Lauren Collins – Portsmouth, NH) - Corie Jabre had been a little run down lately, nursing her twin boys and caring for her two older sons.  But nobody thought that when she checked into Portsmouth Hospital Saturday, she wouldn't come home.  

“She was having some trouble breathing and they discovered it was pneumonia and things just...it just overwhelmed her body,” says her younger sister Logan Ringenberg.  

Corie had exclusively breast fed her babies.  Suddenly that source of care and nutrition is gone.  In just 48 hours, women clued into the story through social media, have donated more than a thousand ounces and pledged to give more.  In the meantime, Logan is nursing the boys in addition to her own infant.

 “And that's what Corie wanted,” she says.  “She wanted to provide that nutritional support for her children and the babies, they just aren't tolerating formula.”

That's just the one of their needs.  These boys are only three-and-a-half months old.  

“My parents are so distraught to go back into their home right now and the boys need clothes.  We need gift cards to Wal-Mart to buy diapers, buy bottles, pacifiers.  You name it, it's in need.”  

Corie was one of four sisters and worked as a beautician.  Her parents will take in all of the children and the twin's father will stay involved.  A friend has set up a fund to help.  There is still a huge void.  Corie always had a smile on her face and she lived for her kids

“She did and with all four of her children.  She lived her kids.  And she was a mom.”

And while they won't feel their mother's touch again, “those twins will know that there's love.”

Services will be held Friday and Saturday in Portsmouth.  

Donations to help Corie Jabre’s children can be made online at

Diapers, gift cards, and other items can be dropped off at the Rochester, NH police station in the care of Rachel Ricker for the Jabre family.

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