Sandusky Could Face Even More Charges

(NECN/NBC News: Brian Mooar, Bellefonte, Pa.) - Jerry Sandusky hadn't even spent his first full day behind bars ... And his defense attorneys were maneuvering - toward a possible appeal on his 45 criminal convictions.   

His lawyers reportedly tried to quit on the eve of the trial - saying it hadn't had enough time to prepare; the judge said no.   

"The likelihood of a successful appeal based on the judge denying the defense more time is very unlikely," NBC Legal Analyst Wes Oliver said.  

When the verdict was announced, a community that once applauded Sandusky's victories cheered his ultimate downfall.

For some who live here, it feels like this community has been on trial - As much for what Jerry Sandusky did as what others around him didn't do.  

"A sense of relief, but having said that, this isn't over, it's far from over," State College Resident Veronica Burk said.  

Penn State's athletic director and another top administrator face criminal charges for not alerting authorities and for later lying to a grand jury. 

Sandusky faces new accusations - from his adopted son, Matt, and from Travis Weaver - who told his story to NBC's "Rock Center."  

The jurors learned of the new allegations after the trial ended.  

"It just solidified our decision," Juror Josh Harper said.  

That decision could put Jerry Sandusky behind bars for the rest of his life.
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