Snow Brings Mixed Bag for Some Mass. Businesses

(NECN: Justin Michaels, Worcester, Mass.) - The snow's coming down here at a pretty good clip right now. Schools are now cancelled in Worcester and in Leominster, Mass.

For two businesses that depend on each other, they have differing views on the snow.

The winter weather is impacting gas station owners and plow drivers. The drivers need gas to make money, and the gas station makes money off the drivers.

It's a good financial relationship. But the white stuff means different things to these two groups of men.

When asked if snow storms are good for business when it comes to a gas station, Worcester Gas Owner Tom D'Alonzo says: "Usually not."

But is Worcester Plow Driver Pasquale Nicolazzo happy to see the snow? "Yeah. Definitely."

Since Dec. 1, Worcester has seen 18.7 inches of snow…that's a huge boost from last year's 4.1 inches, but still shy of the average of 22.7 inches between December 1 and Jan. 16.

All of those inches add up to different things to different people. For plow drivers…

"It means a lot. It's been a slow season doing my other work so snow is a plus for us," Nicolazzo said.

But for gas stations owners…

 "It's a quick hit and then the rest of the day is slow," D'Alonzo said.

That gives D'Alonzo time to watch drivers - another group, of course, effected by the snow.

His gas station is on Rt. 9 in Worcester. Those unfamiliar with the area may not know there is a huge hill on the road.

D'Alonzo has seen some interesting stuff come from drivers during snow storms.

"They've gone down the hill sideways, spinning out…smashing up just trying to pull into the yard. It just depends on how quick the response is from the city. If it gets a little bit slippery, that's what you're going to see. Because they travel pretty fast," D'Alonzo said.

He says the response from the city has been good.

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