Dodging A Storm & Keeping Our Cool

Pop-up showers were random and quick today. If you were (un?)lucky enough to get under one, the produced a remarkable display of weather: brief downpours, small hail, graupel (small snow balls) and gusty winds.

These showers also turned over the atmosphere very quickly. Worcester dropped from 44 to 36 as one of those showers moved through.

Cool stuff.

Not so cool: a deepening storm to our south on Saturday night. It's close enough to make us meteorologists bite our nails, but the way it looks right now, much of that will stay to our south...and then east, out over the fish.

What's concerning about this is how quickly it deepens and how strong it gets. Surely we could get several inches of snow if it were to hit us between the eyes, but this storm is displaying a sharp cut-off on the weather maps. It goes from intense snow near the center to absolutely nothing about 60 miles north. That's why confidence is running high on a miss.

Nonetheless, there is a byproduct of being this close to a strong storm: ocean-effect snow showers. Could see these jump onto Cape Cod and/or the Islands tomorrow night as the storm heads out to sea. Negligible accumulations are expected.

In the wake of the storm, the cold will get a reinforcing shot on Sunday. Highs should struggle to make the upper 40s. Milder on Monday with the Sox home opener showing clouds and a shower risk.

Speaking of milder, the long range dries out and warms up (about time). We see a slow warming after Wednesday of next week that could culminate in 70 degree warmth by the next weekend.

Patience grasshopper.

Have a great weekend!


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