Elizabeth Warren Is Latest Democrat to File for NH Primary

Warren's filing comes amid speculation that the already crowded field of Democrats may be joined by two more

Democratic presidential hopeful Elizabeth Warren on Wednesday submitted the paperwork needed to enroll her name in New Hampshire’s first-in-the-nation primary election.

The U.S. senator from Massachusetts submitted the necessary paperwork and $1,000 fee to enter her name on the ballot at the New Hampshire Statehouse about 1:15 p.m.

"There we go!" Warren said. "Alright, I'm in!"

After filing, ahead of a rally outside the statehouse, Warren told reporters that she believes elections should be about building grassroots movements, not "billionaires calling all the shots," as former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg mulls his own bid to enter the primary.

"When I've been talking about how we can make this country work better, not just for those at the top, I've noticed that billionaires go on TV and cry, other billionaires encourage their billionaire buddies to jump into the race," she said.

One of the frontrunning Democrats in the polls, Warren champions Medicare-for-all, breaking up big tech companies who she says have "too much power," and an expansion of pathways to citizenship for undocumented immigrants.

Warren's filing comes amid speculation that the already crowded field of Democrats may be joined by two more.

Former Massachusetts Gov. Deval Patrick is making a late run for the Oval Office, sources tell NBC10 Boston, and Bloomberg has indicated to his associates that he may run for office due to Joe Biden's recent struggles against Warren.

"For me, that's what's fun about being here, right now, on the ground in New Hampshire. It's about being able to talk to people about why I'm in the race," she said.

Asked about Patrick's reported interest in running, Warren only said that she hadn't spoken to him recently and said she's "not here to criticize other Democrats."

Polls continue to show Warren among the top three Democrats in key primary states. Her campaign organization is among the strongest and she has been hyper-disciplined about staying on message.

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