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Fitchburg Woman Trapped in Florida Shares Hurricane Ian Concerns

Tricia Erwin’s daughter Kathy Valera was back in Fitchburg, Massachusetts, concerned about her parents, who were in Naples, Florida, on Wednesday when Hurricane Ian made landfall

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Strong winds and deadly storm surge from Hurricane Ian threatened the lives of a Fitchburg, Massachusetts, woman, her husband, and others in Naples, Florida -- one of the hardest hit areas -- on Wednesday.

“As you can see the road is filling up,” Tricia Erwin said, while panning her phone around her parking lot in a cellphone video.

Erwin lost power several hours before her interview with NBC10 Boston over FaceTime, on Wednesday afternoon, with very little phone reception.

“I guess the greatest concern I have is the tornado warnings that are coming out,” Erwin said.

Erwin’s daughter Kathy Valera was back in Fitchburg concerned about her parents, who had no way of easily recharging their phones.

“Very concerned because we’re not there and we can’t really help them out and we can’t get down there right now, so we’re just trying to stay in contact with them as much as we can,” Valera said.

The worst of the flooding was still to come after Erwin’s interview with NBC10 Boston. There were images of storm surge swamping the streets of Naples on Wednesday evening with cars and trucks underwater.

The storms surge from Hurricane Ian has submerged cars and caused flooding in Naples, Florida
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