Former Teacher Accused of Having Sex With Student

A New Hampshire community is in shock after a former assistant teacher and football coach in Concord is charged with having sexual contact with his students.

Merrimack County Sheriff's investigators say this didn't happen just once.

They say over the course of 15 months, Donald Levesque allegedly had up to 15 sexual encounters with his eighth grade student.

Levesque, a former Shaker Road School assistant, is charged with several felonies, accused of having sex with his 14-year-old male student and filming it.

Levesque is also accused of having sex with two former students at one time inside his State Street apartment in Concord in December of 2013.

The alleged victim told investigators that he had a sexual relationship with Levesque between February 2013 and May of 2014.

The Shaker Road School enrolls more than 300 children from Kindergarten to Ninth Grade.

According to the Head of School, Douglas Hicks, Levesque hasn't worked there since 2014. In a statement Tuesday, Hicks wrote, "Shaker Road School separated all affiliation with Levesque, who worked as an assistant, not as a teacher, due to his personal, written communications with a former student, outside of his work hours, not on the SRS premises, and with his personal equipment and technology."

Necn also learned Tuesday that Levesque was an assistant coach for the Concord Capitols Football team.

Both positions of power that sex abuse advocates say make these allegations even harder for young children to understand.

"Children are angry just like adults are angry that this happened and they want answers too, they want to know how this happened," said Paula Kelley-Wall with the Crisis Center of Central New Hampshire.

Wall says if parents or students need to talk they can call the 24-hour Crisis Center Hotline at (866) 841-6229.

The president of the Concord Capitols declined to comment Tuesday.

Levesque is being held at Merrimack County Jail on $60,000 bail and is due back in district court for a probable cause hearing on Friday. 

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