Turning Down the Heat

Gorgeous summer day today. Highs in the 80s and low humidity made it feel like a whole new world compared to yesterday's downpours and rain.

Indeed, it really felt like we turned the corner to summer. What could stop us now?

You had to ask, didn't you? A series of jet stream disturbances will fire the storms in the coming days. In addition to threatening us with the possibility of severe weather, these disturbances will drive a sharp front through New England and herald the arrival of a whole new pattern....

...that may last for over a week.

Plainly put, the 80s will take a back seat in the coming 7-10 day period with frequent reinforcing shots of cool air across the Northeast. In the meantime, the West will warm up significantly.

Back to the storm threat tomorrow. How often? Where? How much?

Primary threat is each afternoon, although there's a small threat tomorrow morning. Any one spot is fair game for a storm. While some storms may pack a punch, they're not all day. They hit swiftly and move on. Primary threat is for damaging wind and hail. Wednesday's threat for hail is higher owing to the fact that the freezing level is much lower.

Bottom line: keep an eye to the sky. We'll be tracking them in the coming days here on NECN.

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