Gorgeous Friday And A So-So Weekend

We'll play the cards we're dealt this weekend. I'm sure many would like to trade tomorrow for one of the weekend days, but we'll make the best of what's coming.

Friday is looking spectacular all through New England as high pressure holds back the coastal storm. Sea breezes will kick in along the coast in the afternoon, just enough to keep us refreshed, but not enough to really knock back the temperatures.

Saturday isn't half bad after all. Clouds will tighten up as the day progresses, but the rain holds back until well after dark.

This storm isn't everything for everyone. We're running short on rain in much of New England, so I'm thinking many wouldn't mind a good soaking (although maybe not on the weekend). Instead, this storm targets Southeastern Massachusetts for the heaviest rain (1/2 to 3/4 of an inch), while only tossing light rain into Southern New Hampshire and Maine.

Winds will gust to 30-40 mph on the Outer Cape and the Islands as this storm passes Sunday AM, so it will be every bit of a big event in some parts of our area.

In the wake of the storm, the clouds will stick around for the afternoon, while Northern New England sees sun and a pop up shower.

Next week we'll spring into summer with a warming trend by midweek. My initial thinking now is that it WON'T extend into the holiday weekend, but then again, that long range forecasting stuff can be full of surprises.

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