Group of 15 Rescued After Canoe Capsizes in River

No one in the group was injured after the incident on the Saco River

A group of 15 people was rescued by officials in Fryeburg, Maine, after a rapidly-rising river capsized a canoe, leaving them stranded early Tuesday morning.

The group was renting from Saco River Canoe and Kayak and started their trip on the Saco River at around 10 Monday morning. Around 10 p.m., they described the river as having risen two feet in 10 minutes. They attempted to return to a landing and a canoe was capsized, leaving them stranded.

The area in which the group landed is only easily accessible by water. They were rescued after a four-hour rescue operation and two-mile hike into the woods.

The group of people, which included a 12 year old, was given warm blankets and none required treatment.

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