Kittens Abandoned on Side of Road in New Hampshire

A family of kittens was abandoned and left to fend for themselves on the side of the road in Hollis, New Hampshire and now police want to know who dumped them there.

Police say it was before the sun came up on Halloween day that a man driving along Rocky Pond Road saw something that made him stop in his tracks.

"He saw what appeared to be eyes, glowing eyes from the woods," said Hollis Police Lt. Joseph Hoebeke.

Certainly fitting for Halloween morning, but those glowing eyes weren’t anything ghoulish, they were just these little guys.

"What he found was a bunch of kittens in the woods and a bag of food that had apparently been dumped on opposite side of the guardrail," Lt. Hoebeke said.

Police say it doesn’t appear the kittens were there for too long, but nearby resident Corey Olsen says they at least survived overnight since he saw them Monday evening.

"I saw a line of little creatures crossing the road," Olsen said. "Just as I was driving past, they turned around and I was like, 'whoa, those are cats.'"

Olsen didn’t call the police but is glad someone else eventually did.

"Of course, a very sad thing," Olsen said.

Officers and volunteers gathered nine abandoned kittens and brought them to the police station.

"I’ve been around a long time as a police officer and I still scratch my head with things like this," Lt. Hoebeke.

As news spread on social media, police say the kittens quickly became the most popular pets in town.

"We were able to adopt three out to people in the community," Lt. Hoebeke. "They want to help, they want to make something right they feel is wronged."

The rest of the kittens were sent to Kitty Angels rescue.

If you know anything about who may have dumped them, you should call the police. 

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