Maine Kindergartener Dragged by School Bus

The bus driver involved is on administrative leave while police investigate

NBC 5 News

A 6-year-old boy is recovering after he was dragged nearly 600 feet down the road by his school bus.

As NEWSCENTER Maine reports, the child was getting off the bus in Buxton when his backpack got caught in the door. His mother watched in horror as the driver took off, dragging her son.

"It was terrifying, as a mom, to be screaming down the street, chasing your son, thinking you’re gonna watch him die," Athena Lavigne said through tears during an interview with NEWSCENTER Maine Friday outside her home. "It’s just awful. It’s been awful; and I just keep seeing the same scene over and over again. It’s not going away."

Buxton police said the driver dragged the boy 573 feet before stopping. MSAD 6 school district officials say that driver is now on administrative leave. The transportation director for the district said the driver is new, but went through the same 40+ of training all drivers are required to go through.

Police are investigating the incident.

Lavigne said her son is recovering from road rash and her children will not be taking the bus for the rest of the year.

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