FBI: Final 2 Paintings Stolen in Maine Found in Massachusetts

Two stolen N.C. Wyeth paintings have been recovered


The FBI and Portland Police say one of the "most significant thefts in Maine history" has been solved.

All six N.C. Wyeth paintings stolen from a Portland businessman in 2013 have been recovered. Four of the six paintings were recovered last year at a pawn shop in Los Angeles, California. Last month, the remaining two paintings were recovered in Burlington, Massachusetts.

"This is a monumental day," said Portland Police Chief Michael Sauschuck. "It’s a big deal to return six paintings like this."

FBI Agent Hank Shaw said last month, an anonymous informant told a retired FBI agent where the remaining two Wyeth paintings could be found. Investigators agreed to a deal with the informant that his identity would remain anonymous, and that he would not be charged.

Investigators believe the paintings "The Encounter on Freshwater Cliff" and "Go Dutton, and That Right Speedily" were taken to Burlington, Massachusetts, immediately after they were stolen from Portland, and have remained there since.

The other four paintings were recovered in November 2014. Three people have been arrested and charged in connection with the theft.

Lawrence Estrella, 65, of Worcester, has pleaded guilty to Interstate Transportation of Stolen Property and has been sentenced to 92 months in prison. Oscar Leroy Roberts, 37, of North Hollywood, California, has pleaded guilty to using the stolen property to secure a loan, and has been sentenced to 28 months in prison. Dean Coroniti, 55, of North Hollywood, California and formerly of Boston, has pleaded guilty to possession of stolen property and will be sentenced next month.

Police have not said if the three men charged are connected to the other two paintings recovered in Burlington.

The owner of the paintings has requested that they be put on display in the Portland Art Museum. The exhibit opens on Saturday.

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