Man Dies From Fireworks Explosion in Maine

A man died Sunday afternoon after a fireworks shell he lit exploded in Sabattus, Maine.

At around 2 p.m. Timothy Whitney Sr., 57, of Lewiston, lit a commercial type fireworks shell, which was set into a cement cinder block, right outside his son's home on Meadow Lane, according to officials.

The fireworks exploded in the cinder block, and sent pieces of it into two homes 140 feet away.

According to the Maine Department of Public Safety, Whitney was standing only 15 feet away when several pieces of cement struck him, and he died shortly after arriving at Central Maine Medical Centerin Lewiston.

Investigators determined Whitney had obtained the fireworks within the last year; however, it is only available to licensed fireworks operators, which he was not.

Three other family members were 80 to 90 feet off, but were not injured, according to officials.

The last fireworks death in Maine was in July 2015.

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