New Englanders React to Maine Governor Paul LePage’s Voicemail

The governor left a voicemail filled with swears and threats to a state representative

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Maine Governor Paul LePage left a voicemail filled with expletives, obscenities, and threats on Maine Democratic Representative Drew Gattine's phone prompting New Englanders to react on both sides of the issue.

The voicemail featured LePage telling Gattine he wished he could point a gun "right between his eyes" as well as calling the representative other obscenities.

Assistant House Majority Leader Sara Gideon spoke along with Rep. Gattine on Friday and said, "the behavior that he is exhibiting shows that he is not fit to govern the state at this time."

Many New Englanders agreed with Gideon such as Linda Fonseca Myles who commented on the necn Facebook page "this man needs to be removed from office and arrested immediately."

Diana DeNapoli agreed and added, "this man is out and out a psycho!"

Jean Stanley posted, "he is such an embarrassment to the State of Maine."

However, others believed LePage was justified in his actions.

According to the Portland Press Herald, LePage left the voicemail Thursday night after he was asked by a reporter to respond to critics who had called him racist earlier in the day.

LePage asked who specifically and the reporter mentioned he had talked with Gattine, however, he didn’t specifically say Gattine was responsible for the comment.

Vanessa Ridings said, "my take was not a threat, he's after the guy to get to the bottom of him calling him a racist."

Another viewer, Teri De Simone agreed and said, "he is no racist and is sick of the left saying that."

There is no word on whether police will investigate the incident further.

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