New Schedule for Amtrak Downeaster Starts

Changes being implemented to improve reliability of Downeaster trains


A new schedule for some Downeaster trains will begin Monday, March 30.

The changes are being implemented to improve the reliability of Downeaster trains.


Weekday Southbound Trains

Train #680 (Portland) 5:20am (No change)
Train #682 (Brunswick) 7:05am (No change)
Train #684 (Portland) 12:45pm (Train arrives in Boston 10 minutes later)
Train #686 (Portland) 2:25pm (Train departs Portland 10 minutes earlier)
Train #688 (Brunswick) 6:25pm (Train departs Brunswick 30 minutes later)

Weekday Northbound Trains

Train#681 9:05am Train now terminates in Portland instead of Brunswick.
Train #683 11:35am Train now terminates in Brunswick instead of Portland.
Train #685 5:00pm Train now arrives in Brunswick 10 minutes later.
Train #687 6:05pm Train departs Boston 25 minutes later.
Train #689 11:20pm Train departs Boston 20 minutes later.

Weekend Southbound Departures

Train #690 (Portland) 5:35am No change.
Train #692 (Brunswick) 7:05am No change.
Train #694 (Portland) 12:45pm No change.
Train #696 (Portland) 2:50pm No change.
Train #688 (Brunswick) 6:30pm Train departs Brunswick 35 minutes later.

Weekend Northbound Departures from Boston

Train #69110:25am No change.
Train #693 12:00pm No change.
Train #695 5:00pm No change.
Train #697 6:25pm No change.
Train #689 11:20pm Train departs Boston 20 minutes later.

A complete schedule is available on AmtrakDowneaster.com.

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