2 Arrested in Armed Robbery Investigation

Police in Yarmouth, Massachusetts, arrested Eric Bishop for the armed robbery of Yarmouth Mini Mart and Heather Alves, who was at Bishop's home, for an active warrant.

Police investigating an armed robbery in Yarmouth, Massachusetts, arrested a suspect in the robbery, as well as another person with an unrelated active warrant.

Yarmouth Police arrested 40-year-old Eric Bishop after they say he robbed Yarmouth Mini Mart Sunday evening while claiming to have a gun. According to police, a stack of bills was found while Bishop was being booked.

Thirty-one-year-old Heather Alves, who police say was at Bishop's home on Cranberry Street when they arrived, was arrested on an active warrant.

Alves was not involved in the robbery, police said.

Bishop and Alves were scheduled to be arraigned Monday morning.

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