2 Dead After Car Hit by Falling Tree

A husband and wife were killed Sunday after a tree fell on their car in Abington, Massachusetts.

Neighbors in Whitman say Frank and Manuela Teixeira, originally from Portugal, ran several businesses, including two Dunkin Donuts in Rockland.

"They were nice, nice people," said neighbor David Dillon. "They would give you anything they had."

The accident occurred around 10:30 a.m. near 278 Rockland St. A rotted-out tree came crashing down on their car, apparently due to heavy wind.

The couple was transported to South Shore Hospital in critical condition. Both later succumbed to their injuries.

Witnesses near the scene were devastated by what they saw.

"He wasn't going fast, he wasn't going slow," explained Brian Easton. "It was just a terrible sequence of timing."


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"They were both unconscious, completely unconscious," said Bharat Agrawal.

Firefighters were there in minutes, and had to use the Jaws of Life to free the couple from their BMW.

"If you could imagine a small car with a large tree falling on it - it completely crushed the passenger compartment," explained Abington Fire Chief John Nuttall.

Frank Teixeira was driving the car. It took crews about 30 minutes to free Manuela Teixeira from the passenger seat.

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