Kaitlin Flanigan

2 Men Accused of Trespassing in MBTA Tunnel for Photos, Videos

Two men are facing trespassing charges after allegedly jumping on the tracks and running through the tunnel at the MBTA's Chinatown station, which caused delays for hundreds of commuters.

Transit police say 19-year-old Morgan Johnson of Quincy and 20-year-old Stoughton resident Peter Nakhili were arrested Tuesday evening.

Johnson and Nakhili, who were caught hiding in a niche about 50 feet from the Tufts Medical Center platform, allegedly told officers they wanted to take photos and videos of the tunnels.

Both men were already on the transit police's radar after videos of a previous incident popped up on YouTube, officials said.

"This dangerous criminal act not only delayed hundreds of MBTA commuters during rush hour, it put our officers lives in jeopardy," MBTA Transit Police Superintendent Richard Sullivan said in a statement.

Both men are due in court on Wednesday. It's unclear if they have attorneys.

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