6 Injured in 5-Vehicle Crash

Six people were injured in a five-vehicle crash Thursday in Braintree, Massachusetts.

Officials believe a driver who had an apparent medical problem lost control of his car, crashing into two cars at the corner of Route 37 and Foster Road, sending one through a fence and requiring another to be cut apart using the Jaws of Life to free the driver.

Then the driver with the medical issue continued, hitting two more cars at the corner of Plymouth Avenue.

"[I heard] three bangs and then the squeaking of tires behind my house," said Lauren Martin.

"My daughter called and said she heard a screech and a bang," said Scott Martin. "Growing up here, we used to hear it all the time. We used to call this 'Dead Man's Curve' because of all the accidents."

"This is called 'Dead Man's Curve.' I grew up here," said Kathy Dobrowolski.

The stretch of Route 37 has gotten that regrettable nickname over the years due to the number of crashes there, including fatalities.

Kathy Dobrowolski and her son, Josh, ran out of their home to help.

"The older gentleman that had the health issues was trapped in the car and the car was smoking. The two girls that were in the car, they were sisters. They were sitting on the side of the road and they were pretty banged up," Kathy said.

"My mom and I we went over there and we sat with them until the ambulance came over," Josh said.

This crash today may have been due to a medical problem, but neighbors say scenes like this are far too common.

"It's just people flying. I walk, I see texting on phones constantly up and down this road. It's just a very, very busy road. I'm not sure what they can do, but they need to do something," Kathy added.

Six people from the five cars were all taken to South Shore Hospital. None of the patients' injuries are considered life-threatening.

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