Ambulance Service: Medics Wake to Sound of Phone Exploding

Editor's note: Action Ambulance Service initially said the phone was a Samsung Galaxy Note 7, which has recently been recalled due to battery explosions. The company has since issued a correction stating that it was a Samsung Galaxy S6 Active.

Medics for a Massachusetts ambulance company woke up to the sound of a phone exploding.

Action Ambulance Service says the Samsung Galaxy S6 Active blew up while it was charging in Winthrop.

The explosion triggered the fire alarm, prompting Winthrop Fire to respond.

No one was hurt and the explosion did not cause any damage to the property, according to the ambulance service.

Samsung recently recalled the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 after multiple battery explosions. Action Ambulance Service initially announced that this was the phone that exploded, but it has since issued a correction. The company warns users of any phones to be careful.

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