READ THE REPORT: Foxboro Releases Officer’s Account of Chandler Jones Incident

"I'm Chandler Jones," the Patriots star reportedly told police, saying he had "been told" to come to the police station

Chandler Jones apologized on Thursday, just hours after a police report was released detailing a bizarre incident over the weekend involving the New England Patriots star.

"I made a stupid mistake," Jones said. He went on to say that he's working hard to have the biggest game of his life on Saturday against the Kansas City Chiefs.

Jones appeared in the New England locker room with 2 minutes left in Thursday's media availability. Asked if he felt the need to apologize to his teammates, he said: "I feel the need to apologize to everyone."

Jones showed up at a local police station disoriented on Sunday. Police escorted him to the hospital, where he was admitted and released the same day.

In a report released Thursday by the Town of Foxboro, Police Officer David Foscaldo wrote that he had just arrived at work for his day shift around 7:40 a.m. Sunday when he observed a shirtless man wearing blue sweatpants on the officer parking area. He said the man had a muscular build, was over 6 feet tall and had a long wingspan.

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"In a very hurried and haphazard-like fashion, I saw this man randomly scurry through a portion of the parking lot where our police cars are parked," Foscaldo said. "This man suddenly made a 'b-line' for our police station's rear door. Without any warning or provocation, this man got down on his knees, he interlocked his fingers, and he placed his hands tightly against the back of his head. For a quick second or two, this man held this position - it was like the man was trying to surrender (he was literally 'as stiff as a board'/he was both upright and rigid). This man abruptly released his hands, and he started to move slowly toward the ground. Honestly, it appeared as if he was actively praying or worshipping. At times, this man would return to an upright position, this same movement/motion was repeated at least twice."

Because this was all happening so close to the police station, Foscaldo said he sprinted toward the man along with two other officers who were in the area.

"The above mentioned male subject was now lying in a prone position, and his arms were spread out by his sides. This man's face was against the ground and it was turned so that he watched me approach him."

Foscaldo's report said he grabbed the man's left hand and another officer grabbed his right arm. The officers asked the man to identify himself and tell them what he was doing.

"I'm Chandler Jones," he told them, and kept saying that he had "been told" to come to the police station.

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The Jones saga has been big news in New England this week as the Patriots prepare to begin their Super Bowl defense with a playoff game against the Kansas City Chiefs on Saturday. Jones has been practicing all week, but has not spoken publicly about the incident.

The Patriots have declined to comment, but did release a statement saying that Jones showed up for work Monday morning and participated in all meetings and practices after the incident. His teammates and Coach Bill Belichick have also said very little, other than to note that they support him fully.

The reason that Jones went to the police station in the first place remains somewhat of a mystery, although The Boston Globe reported Wednesday that Jones had a bad reaction to synthetic marijuana.

The officer's report said Jones was unable to provide a legitimate explanation for why he went to the rear door of the police station. 

"It was quite evident that Mr. Jones was desperately seeking our assistance, and he had certainly not committed any crimes - nor had he violated any laws or town-bylaws. Mr. Jones was not armed, and he did not have any narcotics either on his person or in his possession."

For the vast majority of his interaction with police, Jones was "polite, cooperative, and respectful," Foscaldo wrote. 

Police decided to have Jones evaluated by the Foxboro Fire Department, and he agreed, saying he would do whatever they wanted him to do. He was evaluated by paramedics and transported to Norwood Hospital shortly after 8 a.m., according to the police log.

While being evaluated by paramedics, Jones said he had left his keys at home. A police officer went to his home and found the front door open. Upon entering the kitchen, he found the keys on the kitchen counter. He also said that he noticed the smell of "burnt marijuana." He locked the house, and told dispatch what he had smelled so they could advise the paramedics.

Several lines of the police report are blacked out. It isn't clear why.

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