Boston Reddit: How to Prepare for Winter

Bostonians share their tips on preparing for winter

With the cold weather just around the corner, Bostonians are preparing for another rough winter filled with endless snow, shoveling, and frostbite.

Contributors took to Reddit to share their tips on preparing for another brutal winter.

Here are some of the best:

"Buy a shovel now - as soon as snow starts happening, they'll all be gone."

And in reply:

"Buy two for when you break the first."

"Buy a roof rake now if you own a home and have the slightest inkling that you might need one. They only cost around $35 or so, and finding one when you absolutely need it will be like winning the lottery."

"LL Bean flannel lined jeans are amazing. Kept me nice and warm for hours of shoveling last winter."

"Buy lots of French bread, eggs, milk and butter. Trust me."

"Have blankets, water/food, and an emergency supplies kit (bandaids, extra phone charger) so you can get help and wait for it to arrive should your car break down somewhere"

"One of those backup extra cell phone charger super batteries."

"Pay attention to snow emergency zones. All of a sudden that parking spot that has been perfectly cleaned and shovelled out by you, that you've been parking in all year, suddenly becomes a tow zone simple because there's snow on the ground."

"Scarves are awesome and modular. You'd be surprised what a difference they can make."

"Candles and matches to keep at home, or a heavy duty flashlight. Sometimes ice storms knock out power!"

"Buy a little portable jump starter."

"You can get heated seat pads from amazon for $15. Well worth it, even if they are cheaply made."

"A deck of cards and some board games, as well as a goodly supply of bourbon are all invaluable when you're snowed in for a few days."

"Leave faucets dripping at night and open the cabinet doors under the sinks in your house so the pipes are less likely to freeze. It can still happen though."

"I bought a snowblower over the tax-free weekend. COME AT ME OLD MAN WINTER CHOO-CHOO !"

"You might think mittens look goofy, but they let your fingers help keep each other warm."

"Get an electric heated throw. Staying warm in your apartment is more affordable if you do it right where you are hanging out."

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