Coakley, Baker Rally for Support Ahead of Debate

Candidates to become the next Massachusetts governor are beginning their final pushes on the eve of their debate in Worcester and nine days before the general election.

It's down to the wire as the candidates for Massachusetts governor prepare for a debate that NECN will host Monday.

Nine days before the general election, the Democratic faithful in Massachusetts tries to push Martha Coakley across the finish line.

"Don't be rattled by external factors, like polls," said Gov. Deval Patrick.

Sunday morning in Lynn, there was a lot of talk about polls - mainly, how voters should ignore them.

"Our numbers our close," said Coakley. "There's no question. I knew they would be."

Coakley is down nine points in the most recent Boston Globe survey, with election day just around the corner.

"We believe that poll is an outlier," said Coakley.

Hours after the Lynn rally, the Boston Globe officially endorsed Baker.

Still, Coakley believes this race is still neck and neck. But Baker says his campaign has momentum on its side just over a week before voters head to the polls.

"We were very far behind not so long ago, and it's pretty clear at this point the race is either tied or we are a little ahead, so I feel really good about the momentum," said Baker.

The Republican candidate has been focussing on cities - Sunday morning, he stopped by small businesses in Boston's Mattapan neighborhood.

"The attorney general has made it pretty clear that she is not just open to raising taxes, she's open to raising taxes on all kinds of things," he said.

"He talks a big game on some issues, but when you ask him, his plan is really giving corporate tax cuts to businesses and hoping it will trickle down," said Coakley.

The Coakley campaign found itself on the defensive Sunday after the Boston Globe reported that the former inspector general, Gregory Sullivan, said Coakley asked him to stop the investigation into former Speaker of the House Sal DiMasi. He was ultimately convicted of corruption in federal court.

"Greg Sullivan’s allegations are demonstrably false," said Coakley's campaign manager, Tim Foley. "What's clear is that the Pioneer Institute is a tool of Charlie Baker supporters, the Koch brothers and national Republicans. These close ties raise serious questions about the motivations behind the false allegations by Greg Sullivan. All you have to do is follow the money."

Also Sunday, Coakley defended her record as attorney general.

"I've worked as an attorney general to keep people in their homes, to make sure we challenge the Defense of Marriage Act," she said.

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