Crews Working to Clear South Boston St. Patrick's Day Parade Route

Crews are removing snow from along the St. Patrick's Day Parade route in Southie on Saturday.

They're picking it up and moving it out - heavy equipment is helping clear the way for the parade to go on in South Boston.

"This parade has drawn up to over a million people, so we need to put them someplace," said organizer Tim Duross.

Front end loaders and Bobcats are getting rid of the snow on Farragut Road, part of the now-shortened St Patrick's Day Parade route in Southie.

"It's going to take some time, but we're here," said Timothy Ebrecht of American Sweeping. We're gonna get it done.

It's an all-volunteer affair. American Sweeping donated time and equipment Saturday.

The city and organizers agreed to the new route due to the massive amount of snow still on these small streets. There was talk the parade could be moved to another date, or even out of Southie.

Claudia Gile/South Boston Resident
"You can't take away a tradition that's been here forever," said resident Claudia Gile. "It instills Southie."

Those clearing the snow know how important this is.

"It's a great parade," said Ebrecht. "We look forward to it every year. We don't want to lose it. They want to put it downtown, we want it on the city streets, where it belongs."
"We actually benefit because it's right outside our door, which is kind of cool," said Mike Gile. "We don't have to go down the street, so that's a good thing."

Workers are going to be continuing this operation all week. Organizers are looking for more volunteers. 

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