Huge Sinkhole Snarls Traffic in Lynn, Massachusetts

An extremely large sinkhole in Lynn, Massachusetts, has tied up traffic for the Friday afternoon and evening commutes.

The sinkhole is located at Shepard and South Common Streets. It is about 12 feet in diameter.

The problems are mounting after a sewer line broke Friday afternoon. Crews on the scene Friday night were working to shut off the water.

The concern is if the water line breaks, and it’s already leaking, it could cause a gas main to rupture, which could then lead to an explosion.

City officials say the sewer line that ruptured is made of brick and dates back to the 1800’s.

The broken sewer line caused the street to give way. It happened moments after a driver drove over the same section.

Until the repairs are made, local officials are warning people who live in the area to stay away from any sewage backups.

Several people who live in the neighborhood say they'd noticed an issue with the road.

But city officials tell necn they did not receive any complaints about the roadway or sewage back ups that may have tipped them off in advance.

Because crews are shutting off the water, several homes in the immediate area will be without water for the time being. City officials are hoping to have everything repaired by Monday if there are no complications.

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