Voters Hit the Polling Booths Early This Morning

Despite a divisive campaign season that spanned the last 18 months, voters lined up early to cast their votes.

They started lining up early, voters excited to cast their votes after a divisive presidential election that spanned the last 18 months.

"Feels great," K.J. Wang said early Tuesday morning. "Feels good to hopefully not see any more of those commercials."

No issues were reported at this voting precinct. By 6:45 A.M. more than 3 dozen people waited in line for the doors to open.

"The mood has been great," Connie Braceland, a precinct worker, said. I've heard a lot of people say it is a long line but it is worth it."

"You are here to vote, and it is worth the wait in line," she added.

By mid-morning, the crowds had thinned out. Those left said they were excited, anxious, and relieved Election Day was finally here.

"I would love to see everyone come together," Leo Ruiz said. "It is nice to come to the voting poll and see everyone line up and come together as a country."

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