2 Arrested on Gun Charges; 1 Allegedly Referenced Violence Against Police

CORRECTION: An earlier version of this report, citing the Essex County District Attorney's Office, stated that the two suspects had plotted to kill police officers. In court, the men faced weapons charges, with the district attorney's office saying the men had made reference to violence against police.

Two men have been arraigned on gun and drug charges after one of them allegedly referenced shootings of police officers after being pulled over in Salem, Massachusetts.

The Essex County Disitrict Attorney's Office confirms the arrests of Kelvin Mendoza and Emanuel Rodriguez-Shonyo. The suspects were stopped after going the wrong way on a one-way street.

According to the police report, Mendoza, the driver, jumped out of the car and started shouting obscenities at the officers, making references to "police officers being 'shot all over the country' in a tone that we believed was intended to intimidate the scene officers."

The police report also says an erratic Mendoza yelled at Rodriguez-Shonyo "Don't say nothing! Don't show them nothing!"

The district attorney's office says Mendoza is on active duty with the Army Reserves, but according to the police report, he mentioned being discharged from the military.

A search of the car, prosecutors say, turned up a loaded rifle and handgun. Police say they noticed that Rodriguez-Shonyo had been using an app on his phone as a police scanner to hear exactly where Salem Police officers were located.

Both suspects face multiple charges, including carrying guns without licenses, possession of ammunition without FID cards and possession of Class C drugs. Mendoza is also charged with improperly operating a vehicle.

The suspects were ordered to be held without bail. They are due back in court Aug. 10.

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