MBTA Board to Receive Report on Poorly Run ‘Money Room'

An outside review says the transit system's cash facility is overstaffed and inefficient

An outside review has found that the Boston-area transit system's cash facility is overstaffed and inefficient.

The Boston Globe reports that the review scheduled to be presented to the Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority's board on Monday found that the so-called money room has twice the number of workers typically employed by private companies in the industry, but MBTA employees often complete just a fraction of the work they should compared with industry standards.

The review last week found several security issues at the Charlestown facility.

The MBTA counts close to $200 million in cash a year through the facility and spends about $10 million a year to employ its 78 workers.

The T has hinted that it may privatize the operation to save millions of dollars. T unions have objected.

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