New Massachusetts Laws to Take Effect in 2015

It's out with the old and in with the new laws - the Bay State will see an increased minimum wage, gas pump holder clips, sick time for employees and legalized wine delivery.

With 2014 winding down, it's out with old laws and in with the new.

Come Jan. 1, minimum wage workers will be happy to know Massachusetts is increasing the pay rate to $9 an hour. Tipped employees will get $3 an hour.

"In this economy, people need to make a little more money in order to be able to live comfortably," said a customer named Karen.

"The government has absolutely no right interfering with small businesses and telling them how much they can pay their employees," argued Chris Nespola, another customer.

New legislation also adds more freedom to Massachusetts gasoline consumers. Instead of having to hold your pump, you may be able to step away while filling your tank.

Gas stations will have the option of placing clips onto the pumps. Some may still have to brave the cold.

Come July, employees will be able to earn an hour of sick time for every 40 hour work period you work.

"People's lives are busy. and things happen, and they shouldn't be afraid to have time off if they really need to," said Karen.

"They lose money if they have to take time off, if they're sick, kids are sick, so I think it's fair," said Louise Ivens.

"Workers should be compensated for their hard work, and if they're sick, they should be paid if they can't get up and go to work," said Nespola.

And finally, wine drinkers will be happy to know wineries will be able to ship wine directly to their doorsteps.

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