Obscene Video Sent to Child Via Phone App in Hingham, Massachsuetts

Police are urging parents to be aware of the app

Police in Hingham, Massachusetts, are urging parents to be aware of a cell phone app that is sending obscene videos to users.

According to the police department, a mother came into the police station to report that an obscene video has been sent to her 11 year old daughter through the app "YouNow."

The mother received a call from her daughter informing her that she received a message that a follower had sent her a video.

The daughter noticed the sender followed other girls her age and assumed the sender was a mutual friend.

The video showed a white male touching his genitals in an obscene manner.

By the time the mother arrived at the police station the sender "unfollowed" her daughter and she was unable to show officers the video.

The daughter was unable to recall the senders username.

Police are asking parents to familiarize themselves with the apps their children are using and be aware of the video sent on "YouNow."

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