Mother Hit Over the Head While Pushing Carriage in Boston's Dorchester Neighborhood

The incident occurred at 45 Waumbeck St.

"Why would you do that? She was just taking her kid to school," said neighbor Sierra McKenzie.

A mother of two kids named Kim said, "It's crazy, it's ridiculous, there's too much crime going on on the streets."

Neighbors and parents are outraged after Boston police say a 25-year-old mother walking her seven-year-old daughter to the Trotter School while pushing her one-year-old child in a stroller was struck in the head on Waumbeck Street in Dorchester.

Boston Police Commissioner William Evans said, "An unknown male came up behind her, hit her with a blunt object. We’re not sure what she got hit with, split her head open pretty good. She was taken off to the boston medical and she’s in critical condition at this time."

Boston Police did not say whether they thought the attack was random or targeted.

Commissioner Evans said, "It doesn’t appear to be a robbery, I'm not sure, her pocketbook was in the carriage, so we're looking for the public's help on this one."

Neighbor James Farrell said, "There is a problem where people see stuff like that and they don't want to say anything."

Fellow mothers say if someone was so brazen to do this in front of this woman's children, half a block from the school, they don't feel safe.

A mother of two kids named Ivy said, "I'm getting out of Boston, I don't want my kids going to none of these schools because it's always something with these schools or these streets and I can't deal with it."

Neighbor Danielle Kelly said, "That enrages me, it doesn't scare me, it just makes me feel like they need to have more protection around this area because obviously it's not as safe as we thought it was."

Boston Police are asking for the public's help in identifying the suspect.

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