Part of Parking Garage Collapses in Brookline, Massachusetts

Building inspectors are on the scene of 1111 Beacon St.

Building inspectors are on the scene of a partial parking garage collapse in Brookline, Massachusetts.

1111 Beacon St. is the scene of the incident.

Police and fire officials responded to a water leak reported in the upper garage just before 8 a.m. Tuesday.

Officials were on the scene when a large chunk of the flooring fell from the upper level to the lower level, landing on a car.

It has been determined that the collapse was the result of contractors doing work.

No injuries were reported.

Car Crushed in Partial Garage Collapse

Residents say they're shocked it happened, but are glad no one was hurt.

"The workmen have been taking the pool out now for about 10 days, and what we've heard is that they were trying to remove the back of the pool with the stairs that you walk down, if you would walk into the pool, and as they did that, the stairs collapsed," Sanford Ostroy said.

"I knew were not allowed to go there, especially ... just for the safety risks," resident Tahera Shayth said.

"At any point in time something could happen, they've been tearing the place apart," said another resident.

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