Police: Reported SWAT Situation in Woburn, Massachusetts, Was Hoax

Police determined that a reported SWAT situation in Woburn, Massachusetts, was a hoax.

Crews responded to an apartment building on Westgate Drive, where a man said he had barricaded himself after telling police he shot his mother Friday.

The caller also told police his brother and another man were injured in the apartment. Police said he disconnected his phone after making the call.

Later in the evening, police confirmed it was a "swatting" incident, but explained that they treat every situation like it's real until they know it's not.

This was not the only such hoax in Massachusetts Friday. Police in Wilmington also confirmed a swatting incident in town.

A hoax threat was also called into the IMAX 3D Theater at Jordan's Furniture in Natick. The building was evacuated after a caller said there was a bomb and an armed gunman inside, but police determined there was no threat to public safety.

The hoaxes all come on the third anniversary of the Boston Marathon bombings.

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