Police Save Toddler From Choking on Pennies

16-month-old child was not breathing when police arrived

Two police officers in Lowell, Massachusetts, were able to save the life of a 16-month-old child who was choking on pennies Saturday.

Officers Chad Collins and James Faye responded to a home on Worthen Street after getting report that a child was not breathing. Upon arriving at the residence, officers were greeted by the mother, who was in tears and holding the child in her arms.

According to police, Collins took swift action. He grabbed the child and began to administer back-blows. One penny was dislodged from the child's throat.

The child started to choke again while Collins searched for further obstructions. He administered additional back- blows. A second penny was then successfully dislodged from the child's throat, police say.

Further medical care was provided by paramedics at the scene. The child was later taken to Lowell General Hopsital. 

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