Residential Roads Crushed by Winter Storms

Some residential roads in Boston have been left needing major repairs following this winter's wave of storms.

Snow, ice and constant plowing have caused huge frost heaves on Dwinell Street in the city's West Roxbury neighborhood.

"It does make it a little difficult coming down the street," said resident Mort Foley.

"It’s kind of hard to get around," said Jonathan Trahan. "The one benefit is people slow down, actually."

If they don’t slow down, Trahan says, they bottom out.

So, what is the city doing about it? A representative from the office of Mayor Marty Walsh said a crew will be going to Dwinell Street on Monday to asses the situation, but an expert told necn there is no easy fix.

"That's going to have to be a redo, they'll have to reclaim it and redo the asphalt completely," said John Baldasaro of Asphalt Services Incorporated. "There’s a lot of roads like that."

Baldasaro has been fixing potholes for over 40 years. He said this winter is the worst he’s ever seen, and this week's brief warmup won't help.

"It’s going to be bad," he said. "The worst is yet to come."

He said the potential for melting and refreezing will tear up roads more, leading to a bumpy ride for both drivers and dpw crews well into the summer.

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